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Estudio Relativo was born when we decided to combine our superpowers as designers/illustrators with our need to help nature and people to find integrated design solutions that take sustainability into account.

We are lucky to be located in one of the happiest places on Earth: Costa Rica. But we’ve had the privilege of working together with clients all over the world.


Estudio Relativo is a network of freelance

We are a boutique design studio made up of a network of passionate designers from different areas. As a result, we’re able to design services that range from branding and data visualization tools; to web pages and motion graphics. We carefully craft our projects to be implemented both in print and digital media.


If you want to discuss a project (or have a coffee cup), please contact us.

People we have worked with love

GEF, GFDRR, IUCN, PNUD, UN Environment, UNOPS, and The World Bank, among others.