Data visualization|Editorial Design|Illustration
Illustrating a sensitive topic that needs to be discussed and addressed.

General layout

This publication’s main channel of distribution is web-based. Our idea behind  it was to design an easy to read and navigate digital book, that can still be  slightly changed to be able to print and bind.

To tackle this challenge, we focused on the user experience behind reading this book. We wanted the user to be able to navigate easily through the different sections and chapters, no matter what part of the book they were reading. Just as if they were flipping a physical publication.

“The way you tell your story
and present your data
makes the difference.”

Our other main challenge was how to approach the data. The main topic of this publication is gender-based violence. Because of this, including photographs can be very sensitive and can generate unnecessary biases.

As a solution, we decided with the authors, to illustrate important data and create specific images for this publication. Finding the balance on how much to show without being too aggressive, was hard to find. We needed to transmit the reality that many people around the world are living. But, we still needed to maintain the reader’s attention to the information and data given, not just a shocking image.

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International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN)